How well do you know your girl? Find out now, just by the color of her lingerie

How well do you know your girl? Find out now, just by the color of her lingerie

The colours of the bras and knickers don’t just represent favourite colour, they can also reflects personality, it surely has a meaning behind every colour.



The first thing to.cross my mind when I think of red is the colour of “Love”, but when it comes to lingerie “sultry” is the word that pops in my mind. People who are extroverts and joyful usually go for red. And if you are a lady loves you passionately probably already haves a pair of red lingerie. Or if you think your girl is energetic and vibrant probably you should gift her one. Because red represents confidence and motivation and is warmest colour. So hurry up and pump up your love through second skin of body.


Pink? Like seriously the colour pink? There is not a single girl who doesn’t possess pink lingerie. Now you men may wonder why is it a colour for girls? Dude because it’s a girly colour, because they tend to be gentle and kind which is why its a colour for a girl. The colour pink also represents creative and loving with care.



The colour green makes me feel more alive. Green means life, growth, harmony, safty. And if she wears green as her second skin then she definitely loves to live a very healthy lifestyle. If she wears green often she is compassionate and ambitious. It also symbolizes freshness and has healing power in the colour green.


White is a colour of the whole universe, for me white is what peace is and a symbol of purity. If you think she is a woman who keep things a little more simple and yet independent in her own way, then probably she has a pair of white lingerie too in her wardrobe. however it also represents freshness, purity and tranquility.

Sexy _White_Color_Bra_Model


Black!?! Its Oooh! La la …! It can turn tables around. No matter how you are and how the black lingerie is, it always turn out to be sexy and can pop out Black is worn by those who convey authority and hold power. They like to be bold yet simple and are usually in control. Black are also worn by spiritual people and who believes in magic.


Blue Symbolizes significance, importance, confidence and is a very peaceful and serene colour worn by those who are determined in their life. And if your lady already has a blue lingering, its a good news and keep her stick by your side because they are very logical, sincere and loyal. They are very stable and hold wisdom.



Yellow is a happy colour. Ladies who wear yellow are very likely to be happy, warm and would make life long friends and have a happy-go-lucky attitude. And they have a very bright personality where ever they go, they leave their imprints and likely to show their individuality.


There colour purple does not attract many, but few. And those few turn out to be a little spiritual and a lot more creative mind. Is your girl quite sensitive, a little bit spiritual and very creative? Then she surely has rare purple lingeries. If she wears purple it means she is calm, extravagance who holds feminine energy and delicacy as well as romantic too.


So, do you think that the colour of your girl’s lingerie represents their personality in any way?

Well if you are not very much sure about your girl, then you can know her more just by the colour what she wears as her second skin

So now you don’t just need sit back and wonder what all the colours mean..
Go a head …
And recollect all the colours you have seen in her wardrobe or on her.. and jot it down on the below comments.
*Ssh! It’s gonna be a secret between you and me..*

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